CZ 75 B Series Adjustable Rear Sight Set with Fiber Optic (No Adjustment)



CZ 75 B series Side and Height adjustable rear sight with fiber optic for

  • CZ 75 B Stainless, CZ 75 B New edition,
  • CZ 75, CZ 75 B, CZ 75 B SA, CZ 75 BD Police, CZ 75 B Omega,
  • CZ 75 P-01, CZ 75 P-01 Omega, CZ 75 Compact, CZ 75 D Compact,
  • CZ 75 SP-01, CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical, CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom,
  • CZ 85, CZ 85 B, CZ 85 Combat,
  • CZ 97 B, CZ 97 BD

Specification of the Rear sight:

Standard viewport in rear sight (width x depth) 3 x 2,3mm.

The diameter of fibre optic is 1mm.

Specification of the front sight:

Diameter of fiber optic: 1 mm

Width: 3 mm

Height: 9,5 mm

Color: Red or Green

Rear and front sight compliment each other.

Packages: 1x rear sight + 1x front sight

Mounting on weapon with no adjustments on slide. Advisable to mount the sight with the help of gunsmith to prevent any damages.


Top quality product for your pistol

Made in Czech Republic by Antonin Zendl


Antonin Zendl


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