How to choose the best color for fiber optic sights

rear sights with fibre optic

Choosing a fiber optic color is a personal preference. I will analyze the pros and cons that will help in choosing the right fiber optic color.  Fiber optic sights are great for  everyday carry or home defense handgun sights. It’s good when shooting in low light but will not glow at night. Personally I will recommend to go  for green or yellow sights. Green and yellow fiber optic sights have advantages over red that go beyond preference. Red is the most popular fiber optic sights but first to switch off when there is not enough light. Eyes are the least sensitive to red.

Human eye has the highest sensitivity around 550 nm i.e. yellow-green light
Red is at the infrared end of the visible color spectrum.

The prismatic color separation is:


Note: The most visible colors are in the middle of the spectrum “yellow and green“.  That is why yellow or green is best suited to dusk

Color Frequency (THz) Wavelength (nm)
Red 400-484 620-750
Orange 484-508 590-620
Yellow 508-526 570-590
Green 526-606 495-570
Blue 606-668 450-495
Violet 668-789 380-450