We will discuss how to install Red Dot on CZ P-10C and other pistols. You will neeed one of these two product to install Red dot on your CZ pistols. We have Red dot plate and red dot mount to use for the following listed Red dot.

Red dot footprint

Do you own any of the above listed red dot? If yes we have compatible plates and mounts for your Red dot. 

Here we will analyze the different between the red dot plates and red dot mounts. They serve different purposes.

What is the different between red dot plate and red dot mount?

Red dot plate:

It can only be use with pistols designed with the use of red dot i.e. Optic Ready version.

It allow you to mount your preferable red dot on the pistols.

Venom Plate

Here is the compatible plate for CZ P-10c Optic ready version and CZ Shadow 2 Optic Ready version.

Red dot mount:

It’s meant for the standard pistol version with the factory rear sight not Optic Ready version. The adapter mount serve as a reduction between the rear sight and Red dot.

Do you wish to enhance your pistols and take it to another level. You don’t have to buy new pistol before you can use the red dot. Thanks to this mount that gives opportunity for the modification.

Here is the compatible product for standard CZ Shadow 2 version and CZ P-10 version

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