Fiber Optic Front Sight CZ P-10/CZ P-07/CZ P-09 Kadet


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CZ pistol


Fiber optic front sight  for CZ P-10, CZ P-07, CZ P-09 kadet and CZ P-09 series pistols. If you are changing the original sights for fiber optic front sight, just check the number stamped on the sight. This determines the height of the front sight on your gun.

V2 sight height is 5,50 mm standard for P-10C
V3 sight height is 5.75 mm standard for P-07/P-09/P-10F
V4 sight height of the sight is 6.00 mm
V6 sight height is 7.50mm for small caliber adapter
V12 sight height is 8.00mm standard for P-10C Optics Ready
V14 sight height is 8.50mm standard for P-10SC / P-10F Optics Ready

Advisable to entrust the replacement of the sights to a professional  gunsmith in your area to prevent any damages.

Additional information

Diameter of fiber optic

1mm, 1,5mm

Front sight height

5,50mm, 5.75mm, 6.00mm, 7.50mm, 8.00mm, 8.50mm


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CZ pistol